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About the Author

Nataliya DELEVA is a Bulgarian-born writer living in London. Her debut novel Four Minututes, originally published in Bulgaria as Невидими (Janet45 Publishing, 2017) and then in Germany as Übersehen (eta Verlag, 2018) won the Best Debut Novel Award (Peroto Literary Awards 2018), Second Prize for Debut Prose (Southern Spring, 2018) and was shortlisted for Novel of the Year (13 Centuries Bulgaria, 2018). She also won third prize at two Bulgarian national poetry competitions: Binio Ivanov (2018) and Slavejkov’s Award (2018), and second prize at the Walthamstow Short Story competition in the UK.

Deleva is the curator and editor of the children’s book Once Upon a Time, a collection of bedtime stories by seventeen bloggers and illustrations by their children, in aid of Safe the Children, UK. Her short fiction, novel excerpts, essays, book reviews and interviews appeared in literary journals and anthologies, such as Words Without BordersFenceAsymptote, Empty Mirror, Exchanges Literary Journal, Project Plume, the European First Novelist Festival anthology (Hungary, 2019), Stories From the 90s anthology (ICU Publishing, 2019) and Granta Bulgaria. Deleva recently completed her second novel, Arrival, written simultaneously in English and Bulgarian. She lives in London and works in Digital Marketing for a non-profit organisation.


  • 2019 ‘Departing’ (‘Заминаване’), short story, Stories from the 90s, ICU Publishing, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-619-7153-55-2
  • 2018 Übersehen, Roman, eta Verlag, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-9818408-8-9
  • 2017 Four Minutes (Невидими), novel, Janet45 Publishing Bulgaria (ИК Жанет45), ISBN: 978-619-18634-7-1
  • 2017 ‘Butterflies and blooming cherries’ (‘Пеперуди и цъфнали вишни’), short story, The Contest (anthology), ISBN: 978-619-90893-0-9
  • 2015 ‘Dear Daughter’ (‘Мила дъще’), short story, Granta Bulgaria, issue 6, 2015, ISBN: 977 131 462 500 506

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